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Telecom Software Development Services

The market today is driving Telecom companies -service providers and product firms -to capture market share through technology leadership and customer service. Inox Vinimay Telecom software solutions help partner companies to transform themselves in order to succeed in this market by increasing their ability to respond and by creating cost leadership in their operations. Complementing a wide range of enterprise consulting and IT services, Futurism provides focused software solutions to transform their OSS/BSS systems for service provider firms; and strategic Product Engineering Services for Telecom Product companies.

Organizational Focus -Communications & Product Services Practices

A dedicated competency-based practice -Communications and Product Services (CAPS) -drives our focus on the converging telecom and internet space. Specialists and architects build thought leadership and technology competencies in fields such as Telecom, Wireless, Broadband, SAN, OSS/BSS, Datacom and Internet Infrastructure.

Client Approach -Our Partnership Relationship Model

We partner with our clients to help them realize their business goals -integrating our broad services with industry specific technology competencies. With an emphasis on client comfort, we use innovative relationship and engagement models that enhance value realization for our clients.

The PCC framework is one such example which helps Telecom Product firms take their products to market faster.

Core Technology Competencies

  • Specific competency centers and research lab environments drive thought leadership initiatives within CAPS. The IP services Lab and the Mobility Research Group are two such groups. We also work with our clients on the latest current technology platforms and products -keeping us at the forefront of Telecom Technologies and Domains.